Monday, October 6, 2014

The month of October is always an exciting month for spell casting and the Wiccan community to begin with, but when you throw in the blood moon on October 8th it becomes a night to cast money and revenge spells. The energy of the universe during the blood moon is good for these types of spells, especially during a time of the full moon. 

Looking to win the lottery using a magic spell? Spells directed towards major lottery games have been associated with wins using spells cast during the blood full moon of October. This is one of the best nights of the year to cast a spell for wealth. When the energy of the universe comes together for the cause of bringing wealth to a specific person, their ticket numbers tend to come up more often. This has been the strategy of major successful lottery winners. 

Since money spells are in high demand because they are very effective, limiting the amount of lottery spells cast is essential. If there are no spots for lottery spells, consider having a business or prosperity spell cast to improve finances. These spells can be customized to bring in higher sales, get a promotion at work or help launch a new business. Prosperity spells bring long term wealth that builds up over time putting you in a better financial position.

Revenge spells cast during the blood/full moon are naturally stronger for obvious reasons. Blood moon can be a time for getting even with someone that has done something wrong to you. Sometimes, just having karma catch up to that person is revenge enough. They get back what they put out into the universe. Karma spells can cause a person to hit rock bottom. If they acted selfish towards someone else, they will feel the same pain that they caused. 

Eye for an eye is not always the best solution to get even with someone, but every now and then, a revenge spell is necessary. It can cause someone to lose their job, lose their relationship, suffer financially and emotionally and hit what they would consider their personal rock bottom. Caution should be used when casting a revenge spell and know that they are very powerful and will bring someone to their knees. 

All in all, if a money spell or revenge spell is what you need cast, having it done professionally during the blood moon in October is the best time of the year to have this spell work done.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

October 31st is one of the most exciting nights of the year to have a spell cast. Energy levels in the universe are at its peak and spells cast during this time period produce the strongest results. Samhain is known as the Celtic New Year and is a time for celebration and spell casting. Covens come together and show their appreciation for Mother Earth by putting positive energy into the universe. This is when they are the strongest.

Working as a team, a coven has the ability to cast successful spells especially on Halloween. Need a spell cast even though you are not part of a coven? No problem, spell casting services are offered in limited quantities for casting on Halloween. Some of the most common spells cast during the Celtic New Year is love spells, lottery spells, luck spells, binding spells and curse removals all of which work and work well.

The Samhain holiday is also considered a new beginning. This is a good time to start a new relationship and focus on improving your love life. Having a love spell cast on October 31st to improve relationships can range from fall in love spells, return lover spells, obsession love spells and more. Customization is key to the success of each love spell. A successful love spell will contain information about the desired results and need to be included in the casting of each spell. Need an obsession spell cast on Halloween? Oct 31st is the best day of the year to have an obsession love spell cast.

Halloween is also a good time to cast a lottery spell that will help you win the lottery. Successful lottery winners have had lottery spells cast on Oct 31st that have changed their lives permanently. The universe has a way of directing its energy causing recipients to draw random winning numbers that produces life changing results. Lottery spells cast on Halloween by entire covens that are in sync with each other also tend to be very strong.

Binding spells cast on Halloween are also a popular choice. Binding someone to keep them close to you or binding to keep someone away are very powerful spells when cast during the Samhain Celtic New Year. When using a binding spell to bring someone closer to you, it can cause them to be so connected to you that they will not feel balanced in their life if the relationship is not good with the person whom they are binded to.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

An ex lingering in the background is never a good thing. It is especially hard when it is the ex of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Often, it can keep doors open that should have been closed a long time ago. So, how do you handle it when your partner is still talking to their ex? Easy. Have a spell cast to keep them away.

A keep ex away spell will cause your partner's ex to move on. No more worries about communication between the ex and your partner any longer. This is a spell that causes harm to no one, but rather leads someone's life in another direction that has nothing to do with your current relationship. Often times, the ex in question all of a sudden finds someone that makes them happy which leads to no more communication with your partner.

A prime example of a Keep Ex Away Spell working was when we helped a young woman in her late 20's keep her boyfriend's ex girlfriend away from him so he was not tempted to get back with her. The ex girlfriend was one of those people who kept popping up from time to time. There was always a significant change in the behavior of the boyfriend when his ex popped up. The young woman finally had enough. She had been dating her boyfriend for over 5 years and there was no good reason that his ex should be lingering in the background.

Within a month of a coven casting the keep an ex away spell, the ex ended up moving across the country to be with a man she met online. She ended all communication with her ex boyfriend and the young woman never had to worry about her again. Her and her boyfriend were able to move in together and live their lives without interruption. She noticed her boyfriend focusing his attention on her and making her happy. She did not feel as though he was hiding anything anymore and the spell brought them closer together.

All of this was done using white magic spells cast by a coven of 13 experienced witches. If you are the type of person that likes to cast spells on your own but need a spell that is stronger than you would be able to cast visit

Thursday, July 3, 2014

You have to admit that there is something very magical about the 4th of July. Energy levels in the atmosphere are high because thousands of people are watching fireworks and putting positive energy out there without even knowing it. The positive energy is then absorbed into spells that are being cast on the 4th of July making them more powerful. This is why the 4th of July is a great time to have a spell cast. Love spells and money spells are proven to work better during times when energy levels are high.

Spells tend to produce faster and stronger results when they are cast by multiple witches (a coven preferably) during times when energy levels are high. Often, people find themselves struggling to cast a love or money spell that works on their own. Many turn their requests over to experienced witches that have been practicing witchcraft for years with the hope of finally getting the results that they desire. 

What type of results can come from a money or love spell cast on the Fourth of July? With love spells, people fall in love faster and in a deeper, more genuine way. Depending on what type of magic spell is cast, it can bring two people back together or keep them apart (which ever you prefer).  Money spells cast on the 4th of July can bring larger winnings in the lottery, at casinos gambling and in business. Whichever your goal is, when a money spell is cast by an experienced coven of witches, they tend to result in a large financial gain.

All in all, the Fourth of July is a high energy night to cast a spell or have one cast by a coven. Having a spell cast that absorbs an extra amount of energy will always bring better results. Thousands of people have experienced life changing events after having a spell cast during times where energy levels are high. It is possible to change the path that you are on in a positive way using a spell that works.

If you are looking to have a spell cast on the 4th of July or any other day of the year, use a coven that only casts spells using white magic. Casting a black magic spell during times when energy levels are high can backfire. If you want to be 100% safe and make sure that there are no negative results or side effects, only work with covens that use white magic.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Is Friday the 13th a good time to cast a spell? Yes! The combination of the energy from this holiday, along with having a full moon gives each spell a double boost in power and strength. When energy levels in the universe are high, casting a spell that works becomes easier. The universe tends to take your spell request with ease and seriousness producing good results.

Friday the 13th lands on a full moon this year! What does that mean for witches? This week is an extra special time to have a spell cast. Interestingly, luck spells work best when cast during this full moon phase. Other spells such as love, spells, money spells, weight loss spells, prosperity spells, binding spells, revenge spells and curse removals are also very powerful at this time.

Love spells cast on Friday the 13th can be especially good because this is a time where power in a relationship is able to shift with the universe’s energy. Those not paying attention, start opening their eyes, those dismissing an ex start wanting to work things out. The results of a powerful love spell cast during a full moon on Friday the 13th can bring people back together that have had terrible breakups, haven’t talked in years, now married or in a relationship with someone else. When people have a soul mate connection it can be hard to move forward without one another. 

Binding spells work great in combination with love spells, especially when they are cast during Friday the 13th and/or the full moon. Binding two people together permanently can work to bring two people back together again that are broken up. They also can keep a couple together and bring them closer. 

Friday the 13th is also especially a great time to cast a lottery spell, prosperity spell, business spell or any spell related to improving finances. Extra luck in the lottery manifests shortly after casting a spell on Friday the thirteenth. Large lottery winners start stepping forward knowing how it all came together. Businesses start to notice that more and more customers are coming in after their business prosperity spell was cast on Friday the 13th. This is because the energy of the universe flows within all of us. When energy is directed to meet a specific goal…this one being financial, money starts to come in and businesses not only stay afloat but also make a profit.

People tend to have spells cast on Friday the 13th that they normally have bad luck with such as weight loss. Those that struggle with losing weight and keeping it off find better results for spells cast on Friday the 13th because they put positive energy into the universe on a day that many do not. Weight loss spells cast during this time can help people lose the weight for good and get into a healthier lifestyle. 

Revenge spells cast during Friday the 13th can also become very powerful. These are to be used with caution as they may not be able to be removed in the future, even by the practitioners that originally cast it. Karma has a way of making itself towards people without a spell during Friday the 13th. Adding a revenge or karma spell adds to that and can be dangerous.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Need a magic spell that produces authentic results? It's true that casting a spell that works is not as easy as one might think. Spells of magic come in many forms. It is always best to stay away from black magic and use white magic instead. White magic does not have the negative side effect that black magic can have and is just as strong.

Spells of love are the most sought after. Many people find that an effective love spell will help bring two people back together even after the nastiest of breakups. White love spells of magic should be cast by a coven (group of experienced witches) for the best results. When multiple people are putting their energy into the universe solely to bring two people back together again, the results tend to be permanent.

Spells of money have become more and more popular as the economy struggles. Money spells come in all types of forms that include lottery spells, gambling spells, business spells, prosperity spells, job promotion spells, get hired spells and more. Deciding where you want the money to come from is the first step in picking the right money spell for your situation. Always remember the rule of thumb, and use white magic instead of black. Using black magic money spells can bring financial loss in the long run, so be careful!

Can I win the lottery using witchcraft? The answer is yes! Each year a few hundred large lottery wins happen because of a money spell that was cast. This is usually not public information and most only admit to having a lottery spell cast to those around them and not when they are giving interviews. If the public knew that having a lottery spell cast was going to bring them a win, then everyone would do it and winning the lottery would not have the benefits that it has today.

Spells of luck are also a popular choice for people wanting to bring positive energy into their lives. Some may have experienced bad luck for a long period of time and can not catch a break. A luck spell that is cast by a coven of witches will help bring fourth positive opportunities that can include financial benefits, job promotions, winning in court, getting out of speeding tickets, mend relationship issues, help bring a soul mate into your life...and more!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Do you have a broken heart? Is something off balance in your relationship that is causing you to feel obsessed with someone? People who have experienced some type of imbalance in a relationship can often develop feelings of obsession towards the person that is not giving them what they desire. When our needs are neglected, it can leave us feeling vulnerable and hurt. It is common to mask these feelings with obsession towards a partner or an ex.

When feelings of obsession start to become stronger it can be draining and unsatisfying. Many people turn towards casting an obsession love spell to cause the target of their desire to feel the same way. This can bring balance into your life and raise self esteem. When our love life is off balance, everything seems hard. Feelings of depression sink in and we are left looking for answers from a higher power.

The energy of an obsession spell causes the target to begin developing strong feelings of love, lust and attraction towards a specific person. If the target of the spell is in a relationship, it will most likely end because all of their attention and focus will shift. Feelings, thoughts and dreams will start happening daily until the target of the obsession love spell takes action and starts showing their feelings for the person having the spell cast. It will not be something that the target can ignore because it will feel so right.

Obsession love spells should always be used with respect and caution. They should never be cast in desperation. Always take time and really think about how your relationship will be with the target of this spell. Would you still feel just as in love as you are in this moment when they start giving you what you desire? Or will your feelings change? This is something that each person should think about before making the decision to have an obsession love spell cast.

What happens if my ex becomes too obsessed with me? If it gets to the point where you just want the obsession to stop, an obsession love spell can be reversed by the person/people who cast it. It can also be reversed by having a strong coven of witches reverse it and put a protection shield around you. This will protect you from any negative energy that is coming your way from the person that is obsessed with you.

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