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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enhancing Psychic Abilities

Many people are under the assumption that being psychic or having psychic abilities is a gift that keeps on giving. Many authentic psychics do not look at it as a gift but rather a curse because they can see things that maybe are not always positive. People that have a natural psychic ability are usually born with it and do not understand it at a young age. It can be a burden to children because understanding it and embracing it can be challenging.

On a more positive note when natural psychic abilities are understood they can be used to help those around you. Being able to see deceased people can help loved ones deal with the grief of their loss. After speaking with many people that are clairvoyant almost everyone that passes over is in a better place and still have the ability to visit their loved ones. If you find the right person to communicate with them you can feel a sense of peace with their passing. Finding someone to do this for you can be a challenge in and of itself and you need to make sure that they are speaking with the right person.

How can someone enhance their psychic abilities so they can start doing this themselves? Everyone has a third eye also known as a sixth sense. Meditation can help make this sense stronger if you do it constantly. Another option is to have a spell cast to enhance your psychic abilities. You have to make sure that someone professional performs this spell and has had success with it in the past. A message of warning though is to be careful what you wish for. Waking up in tune to your sixth sense can be overwhelming. If you start to hear voices listen to them and try to communicate back. This could be your spirit guide or someone that has passed over trying to tell you something. Not everyone will have the ability to hear voices from beyond, but if you do embrace it.

Being able to have a strong intuition is another form of enhancing your psychic abilities. There is this story of a woman who had one of the strongest intuitions that I have personally seen. She was the type of person that would get a bad feeling of getting into a car from time to time but could also walk into a casino and pick the right slot machine. She learned to listen to her gut and came out ahead every time. Being able to avoid bad situations ahead of time can be life changing. Creating opportunities for yourself just by trusting your instincts will raise your self worth and depression will not be a reoccurring problem.

Opening up your third eye can be challenging and take years to do. Surrounding yourself with people that have already done this will help you accomplish your goals. You have to be ready to embrace waking up the psychic side of your intuition. More often than not people wish that they were psychic and then when it actually comes to them they want it to go away. Why does this occur? This happens because being able to do things beyond imagination can be scary if its something new. Doing research on how to handle and control these fears is something that should be done before driving yourself crazy.

All in all be careful what you wish for if you wish for increased psychic abilities. It can end up being a very positive thing if you deal with it in the proper manner. Channeling your energy in a positive way and understanding your body and abilities will make the experience a positive one.