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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween - Best Time of the Year to Cast a Spell - Celtic New Year

When is the best time of the year to cast a spell? The answer is Halloween. On October 31st energy levels are always at its peak. This is because Halloween (also known as Samhain the Celtic New Year)is a tradition celebrated by witches worldwide. Halloween is a spiritual day for Wiccans and the most important spells of the year are cast during this celebration.

Casting a magic spell that works takes experience and knowledge to produce accurate results. During Samhain, the Celtic New Year, money spells are most popular. Many people have the dream of winning the lottery and therefore focus on casting a lottery spell that works. Halloween lottery and money spells more energy bringing larger financial gains. It is best to always take advantage of being able to naturally add extra energy into a spell. After all, the stronger a money spell is, the better the results will be.

Halloween love spells are also a popular love spell to cast during the month of October. Main goals include getting an ex back, falling in love, getting a lover back by Christmas, attracting obsession and more. Give yourself the best chance of a having a successful love spell cast that gets results the first time around by having a love spell cast on Halloween.  Due to high energy levels in the atmosphere, powerful love spells cast during Halloween always give the best results. Getting an ex back can be hard, but if there is any time of the year to begin a return lover spell to achieve this, then Halloween is the best time. 

Feeling down on your luck? Luck Spells work to open us up bringing positive energy into our lives. When we have a lot of lingering negative energy around us, it can block positive things from happening. With a luck spell, good things start to come our way again and we are given more positive energy. When positive energy starts to flow within our lives, we are presented with different opportunities that will have an outcome that brings happiness. Halloween luck spells can bring luck permanently and yearly.

Keep in mind that it is always best for a coven of witches to cast a spell for you. Experience and knowledge takes precedence in the universe and best results will come from a group that has these skills. For example, a coven of 13 witches that have been united for many years will be able to cast a stronger spell than someone who has read a lot about casting spells and is trying to do it themselves. Having an experienced coven of witches cast a witchcraft magic spell during Halloween will produce the best results.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Cast a Spell on Halloween - Samhain - Celtic New Year

Ever want to know when the best night of the year is to cast a spell? Halloween is always the night that has the highest energy level of the year to cast a spell. Halloween is traditionally a witches holiday and a time for celebration. The Celtic New Year is the beginning of a new era to which most covens and witches celebrate by casting their most important spells.

Are you looking for your boyfriend to return to you? No matter what the situation is, having a return lover spell cast any time of the year will bring him back, but why not have it cast on Halloween and get your boyfriend to really fall in love with you hardcore. Spells cast on Halloween are stronger and will produce better results.

Looking for a money spell on Halloween to get you ahead financially. Whether you are looking for a lottery spell, gambling spell, business spell, job spell or another type of money spell, Halloween is the best day of the year to have a spell cast. Witchcraft magic spells can be cast all year long, but Halloween is the best time of the season to get the best results. Moisture levels are high drumming up spirits that are stronger allowing the energy to be directed towards its target faster and stronger. Get yourself into a better financial situation now by having a money spell cast that works.

Are you having bad luck? Yearly luck spells will help bring luck to you for an entire year. Give yourself the best chance of success this year by having a luck spell cast on Halloween. Celebrate the Celtic New Year of Samhain by having a yearly luck spell cast that works. Want permanent luck in all aspects of your life? Have a permanent luck spell cast that never wears off and always have it by your side working for you.

Witchcraft magic spells always work better when cast by a group of people also known as a coven. When multiple people are putting their energy into the casting of a spell the results are strong and effective. Knowledge and experience is essential to the success of a witchcraft magic spell. Get your spell cast today by an experienced coven.