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Friday, September 11, 2015

Getting Rid of a Lingering Ex

When a new relationship starts there can often be an ex that lingers in the background. Maybe your current boyfriend or girlfriend hasn't cut all ties and is still seeing their ex on the side or is remaining friends with that person. Maintaining a friendship with an ex is common when transitioning into a new relationship because a bond has been formed and there is a comfort level that brings safety and security.

Getting Rid of an Ex
This does not mean that keeping in contact with an ex while starting a new relationship is the best decision for your new partner. So what do you do when your partner has not cut the communication cord with their ex and it continues to cause problems? The first thing that should be done is to talk to your partner about how it makes you feel that they continue to have their ex in their life. If that doesn't work and the problem gets worse and is ruining the trust between the two of you, then having a Keep Ex Away Spell cast will solve the problem.

A keep an ex away spell will completely end the friendship, communication and/or relationship that your partner is having with their ex permanently. It will cause something to happen that ultimately ends all communication between the two and your partner will no longer desire to have their ex in their life again. This helps cut all emotional ties as well if you think that there are still feelings between your partner and their ex.

Sometimes guilt is the reason that communication is still happening between your boyfriend or girlfriend and their ex. If this is the case, the keep an ex away spell will make those feelings go away. The ex will no longer be able to have an emotional hold manipulating your partner into talking to them still. It can be healthier for your partner to move on and focus their attention and energy on you and building a solid foundation with you.

At the end of the day there is no good reason for an ex to still be in communication with your partner unless they have children. In that case co-parenting may be necessary but does not have to extend to a friendship where they discuss personal issues. Co-parenting can be done in a healthy way without a lot of unnecessary communication that has nothing to do with the children. If there are issues coming to agreements then a parenting plan can be established by ruling courts so that conflict is decreased and one parent is not able to use the kids as a power tool.

When children are involved and communication is necessary the keep an ex away spell will cut all emotional and social ties between two people. Any communication will be brief and only having to do with decisions pertaining to the children. Both parties will decide that having the other in their lives is the best decision to move forward without maintaining am emotional relationship or friendship.

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