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Monday, April 1, 2013

Different Ways to Use Energy

We are surrounded by energy all the time. Everything that we encounter is made up of energy. We give off energy in each emotion that we feel regardless of our physical reaction to it.

Energy healing such as reiki can be effective in healing the body. Practitioners of reiki are trained to channel their energy to the patient's body that requires healing. A deep understanding about the power of energy and where it comes from is what a reiki master specializes in. Positive energy can have healing powers beyond what we are able to comprehend.

In addition to healing powers, energy is used in the casting of a spell to bring about positive changes. This can range from getting an ex back, winning the lottery, getting a job, excelling in school, losing weight, protection from negative energy and more. Witchcraft magic spells uses energy in a different way than a Reiki master would.

A witch casts a spell with the help of a coven, also known as a group of experienced practitioners. Energy put into a spell alters ourcomes, feelings, events and more. There are different types of witchcraft spells that uses energy differently. White magic gives off positive energy. Black magic gives off negative energy. Black magic gives off negative energy. Generally speaking, if casting a spell is something that you want to experience, stick with white magic. White witchcraft spells can help heal your life in ways much different than reiki. The healing takes place with emotions, relationships and events.

How do spells heal relationships and emotions? Love spells are made up of energy to bring change to the feeling of their subject. Most love spells designed to bring an ex back increase feelings of love and attraction that are already there. When relationships end, people can suppress feelings of love and move on to start another relationship. A good love spell that works will cause feelings of unconditional and romantic love to come back to the surface again.

How are events altered by a witchcraft spell? A good example of an event being altered by a spell is winning the lottery after a lottery spell has been cast. The energy of a magic spell can cause the universe to bring winning numbers to a specific person. This is not an easy task and often requires a coven to be involved in the casting. For a lottery spell that works, visit