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Monday, March 12, 2012

Binding Spells - How to Tell They are Working

So you have had a love binding spell and you want to know whether it is working or not. If you cast it yourself by searching for free spells online you may be disappointed. Binding spells are very powerful and serious and should not be cast by an inexperienced person. If you had a binding spell cast professionally then the chances of your spell working are increased drastically.

When a witchcraft magic spell is used for the purpose of a love binding issue it can have several effects. One being that the person whom is effected by the binding spell can start to see your name pop up everywhere. It is easier for more common names to appear randomly throughout the day but when an uncommon name starts to pop up often it is a sign that is not easy to ignore. For example we have had cases where the subject started to see the name "Jessica" everywhere he went. When driving he saw "Jessica Street" and went past "Jessica's Bakery". Then he reported having is taxes done by a CPA named "Jessica". When this happens all at once you can't help but stop to think about your ex Jessica and some of her good qualities that you miss. It makes you wonder what she is up to...and then shortly after that a call is placed and the rest is history! You can't stop getting enough of Jessica and how wonderful she used to be and why you are not back together. Maybe reconciliation will be in the's basically up to Jessica from there. See how easy that can be?

Powerful love binding spells can be even more effective. The more energy that is put into a witchcraft magic spell the stronger your binding spell will be. Spells consist of energy and when directed towards a person or goal energy can't be seen but is heard very clearly by the subconscious mind. If you have ever felt as though you can not let someone walk out of your life no matter what, it is possible that it could be the effect of a binding spell. It does not mean that every case is like that, however it is one of classic effects of a binding spell.

It is important to note that witchcraft magic spells should be used with circles of protection and caution. If you do not know what you are doing but want to have a binding spell cast please contact us at

Friday, April 30, 2010

Putting a Circle of Protection Spell Around You

Surround yourself with good, positive energy. That is a rule of thumb to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. How do you accomplish that? Having spiritual work done where a circle of protection is put into place is a start. What can a circle of protection do? A circle of protection spell can put an invisible protection shield around you and your loved ones so that no negative energy can get in and effect you in a bad way.

What can negative energy do? Negative energy can bring your mood down significantly. It is as if a black cloud is following you throughout the day. Having built up negative energy can effect moods which in turn makes you a more negative person effecting relationships in a bad way. Negative energy can also bring bad luck. Many people experience bad luck with car problems, health, job problems and relationship problems.

How can someone put negative energy on me and my family? They can do it through witchcraft, voodoo, black magic and many other methods. People that have a lot of negative energy around them can also unknowingly pass it on to others without meaning to. Being around people that are down on their luck or have some form of voodoo or curse on them can directly effect you. It is important as preventative maintenance to have a circle of protection spell on you at all times to ensure nothing flows onto you.

Why do people use voodoo and curses to effect others? The bottom line is that some people are selfish and want to see others fail. They often use witchcraft, voodoo and curses to bring others down. Revenge is not always the answer. Living well is the best revenge that you can give someone else. Not allowing others to effect you negatively is also another way to get revenge without sinking down to their level. Finding peace of mind when there is conflict if often challenging. Knowing yourself and getting in touch with your innermost wants and fears will help you get through the challenging times.

Inner peace and peace of mind are simular. If you find one you will be able to find the other. Always being proactive when it comes to protecting yourself and loved ones will allow you to have more peace within yourself.