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Thursday, April 8, 2010

When to use Revenge Spells - Making revenge spells safe

Have you ever been in a situation where someone was selfish and hurt you emotionally and financially? Many people look to revenge towards someone who has hurt them. The thing is revenge isn't always the answer to your problems. First ask yourself why you would like to seek revenge. If it is to get even with someone who did you wrong make sure that it will not interfere with healing over the pain they have brought upon you. Sometimes revenge is not the answer to your hurt feelings.

When is a revenge spell the answer? If someone is continually harassing you and will not stop then a revenge spell can help make their life have other problems which will distract them from bothering you all of the time. Sometimes when a person is bothering you they have nothing else good in their lives to focus their attention and energy on. Their hatred for you will then be the main focus of their attention. Doing things back to them will not get you anywhere. It will add fuel to their fire and they will not stop. Their harassment can turn into an obsession. Never hesitate to call authorities if you feel as though your life is in danger. Reporting harassment scares people and discourages them from bothering you.

What can a revenge spell do? A revenge spell can make the bad karma that a person has put out into the world come back to them three times the strength. People who focus their attention on making others miserable have a lot of bad karma lingering waiting for it to come back to them. Sometimes waiting for that karma to come back naturally can feel like an eternity. A revenge spell speeds up this process and makes karma come back at a faster rate. When Someone is busy digging themselves out of a hole there is no time and energy to continue to harass someone else. This is how a revenge spell is good at keeping someone away from you also.

Revenge spells are a common request amongst co-workers. Many people have negative experiences with people at work. This is for many reasons. You can not choose who you work with but you can choose your friends. It can be challenging to work with people who are not people that you would choose to be around for long periods of time. Sometimes taking the high road in work situations can lead to someone else making a fool of themselves costing them their job. Use revenge spells with caution because a revenge spell can effect someone for a very long period of time.

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